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Eight tips for building a great online shop

Integrating ecommerce into your website can be a tricky thing to get right, but it’s so important. According to, 40% of web users...

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Website CTAs – Eight tips to create strong, compelling messages

In every part of digital marketing and web design, the call to action is king. This is what turns a vaguely interested visitor into...

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A beginner’s guide to online cross-promotion– how to get started and how to choose the perfect partner

Digital marketing is all about growing your audience. This is primary goal for many brands, to expand their reach and tap into new, potentially...

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10 stats to help you design a user-focused website

The key to successful web design is meeting user expectations. The aesthetic appeal of your website is important, but money spent on a talented...

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Are you wasting money on ineffective digital marketing ads?

New research has found that only 9% of digital adverts are viewed for more than a second, while much of brand’s hard work on...

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Reach and engagement in social media marketing…they’re very different things

Social media and digital marketing professionals can get a little obsessed with figures. It’s very easy to fall into the trap of mistaking follower...

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Are you using the right analytics software?

If your business is channelling a lot of energy and resources into a new digital marketing campaign or a website redesign, you’ll want to...

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Is your digital marketing campaign ‘story’ compelling enough?

Many brands have the very best digital talent at their disposal, with the technical knowledge to make excellent use of tools, apps and technology....

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4 tips for a watertight mobile content strategy

Sitting down and drawing up a mobile content strategy from scratch is no mean feat. Adapting and perhaps even re-creating your website and other...

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Web design mistakes that could affect your SEO

Designing a new website isn’t always as simple as creating an aesthetically appealing look – there are a lot of other factors to consider....

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