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Search Engine Optimisation, commonly referred to as SEO, is the process of writing your website with the specific goal of appearing on the first page of search engine rankings including Google, Bing and Yahoo.

SEO has long been an industry shrouded in secrecy by web development companies who have used ‘dark arts’ to manipulate your search engine position.  This led to an influx of poor, often irrelevant content being ranked highly in search engine results.  Over the last few years search engines, led by Google  have been fighting back to and penalising websites where they feel the searchers best interest is not at heart.  Updates to their search engine ranking algorithm know collectively as Panda and Penguin updates have turned the SEO industry upside down.

As long as there are search engines and companies looking to be found at the top of the list these will always be SEO.  What has never been so important is choosing the right company to advise on and execute your SEO strategy.

Ambos offer ethical, transparent and accountable SEO with 2 levels of service.

Firstly we can prepare a digital strategy for your company and teach you to optimise your own online presence.  A lot of SEO is based around having fresh, informative and unique content on your website and you are often best placed to write this your self.

Secondly, if time or resource is tight we can deliver the SEO service on your behalf.  This will involve spending time with key members of your management team and learning to understand the voice of your company.  We will provide SEO and act as a virtual digital PR company on your behalf.

The benefits of our SEO service

  • Increased search ranking position

  • Get found for keywords that actually matter

  • Full analysis, reporting and accountability

  • Long term reduction in marketing costs

To discuss your SEO or digital marketing needs please do not hesitate to get in touch.