Save time and money by combining systems into a single hybrid CRM

CRM software as a cloud based service


Our hybrid CRM solutions help you to run your business efficiently. You no longer need to use an off the shelf product that forces you to compromise on your requirements. Our hybrid CRM core system can be easily upgraded to give you everything you need to organise, track, and manage your business.

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a platform to manage your HR needs

hybrid CRM brings you HR service software to help you manage staff, monitor progress and set goals. It is flexible, powerful and can be adapted to grow in line with your needs. Search and filter facilities will ensure your information is easily accessible.

a platform for client and stakeholder management

Our hybrid CRM solutions bring you management software to help you maintain your clients and stakeholders. You can efficiently gain insights
into prospects, maintain client and stakeholder relationships and record deals and information faster.

a platform to manage service users

hybrid CRM brings your customer service to life and helps you connect with service users and contacts, monitor goals and grow your organisation with efficient notifications and reminders.

a platform to manage tasks and workflow

hybrid CRM brings you dedicated software to help you manage your daily tasks and workflow efficiently. It speeds up your internal admin processes to make sure your team can focus on what they do best.


Core Features

  • Customer/client/staff management
  • Goal(s) tracking
  • Deals and pipeline
  • Reminders
  • Notes
  • Document attachment facility
  • Web form integration
  • Dashboard and reporting
  • User level access
  • Hosting, firewall and security


Cutom Features

  • API (3rd Party) integrations
  • Email integrations
  • Status management
  • Custom properties
  • Modular builds
  • Core modifications

Cloud based software

All our hybrid CRM solutions are cloud based. This means you can securely access them from any device anywhere allowing your team to work just as effectively from the office, home or on the road. All data is seamlessly backed up on multiple servers for greater security.


hybrid CRM utilises a core system which can be customised with modular components to deliver your exact requirements. The system is designed to grow and change to accommodate your future needs.


hybrid CRM comes with dedicated training and support services. Telephone, email and ticketing support is including as standard. Your annual licence will include support and training.

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