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Using social media for event marketing – Seven tips for success

Social media is a relatively affordable way to spread the word about an upcoming event. It shouldn’t replace physical, real-world marketing, but event organisers...

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The 5 essentials mobile users want from your website

Mobile-friendly websites are absolutely essential these days, with 80% of web users accessing the internet via a smartphone. There are few different ways to...

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Smartphones become most popular way to get online – but is your website ready?

If there’s one crucial piece of advice on digital marketing that brands and small businesses should be listening to, it’s this – optimise your...

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How will the Apple Watch and other wearable tech affect digital marketing?

The wait is very nearly over for the much-anticipated Apple Watch

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Why not optimising your site for mobile could cost you dearly

Failing to reach mobile users could lose you business, so it

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Balancing website creativity and mobile accessibility

Should your website prioritise creativity or mobile accessibility? Ideally, it should prioritise both. A website that is accessible and optimised for mobile devices has...

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How smartphones have revolutionised the internet

Whether you're on a train, bus, bar or doctor's waiting room, a noticeable modern phenomenon has engulfed society

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Mobile Web Statistics

Benjamin Disraeli was once credited with saying "There are three types of lies: Lies, damn lies and statistics" and on the whole I tend...

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How users view your website

In a recent study carried out on client data, we

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What is So Lo Mo?

We all know that web developers, and in particular SEO specialists like to confuse clients with the latest jargon about the industry to try...

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