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What makes a killer brand logo?

At the heart of your company’s branding is your logo. It appears on everything from your website to company letterheads, merchandise to email signatures....

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Want a smooth, optimised UX on your website? Avoid these common mistakes

There are hundreds if not thousands of tiny things that can affect a user’s experience on a particular website. Designing a user-friendly website can...

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Creating a new brand, or re-branding? 7 questions to help you define who you are

Strong, unique branding is undeniably important when starting a new business, or re-branding an existing one. Branding is the promise you make to the...

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Brand guidelines – five reasons they’re so important

Creating a strong, memorable brand is about far more than picking a logo or a set of colours. Your branding reflects who you are...

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How to reorganise and simplify your website structure

If your website was made a few years ago, it’s likely that the business has grown since. This may mean that extra menu items...

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Trend alert: brutalist web design. But what actually is it?

As we all know, trends come and go, affecting and influencing different industries at different times. The concept of brutalism, for example, has been...

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A beginner’s guide to using colour in web design

Website design is like any other type of design, in that you need to have a good understanding of the basics – from spatial...

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Google’s ‘mobile-first’ index and your website – are you ready?

Earlier in 2018, Google announced that it would soon be rolling out ‘mobile-first’ indexing. The search company has been testing and experimenting for around...

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Four top conversion tips for mobile customers

How do your customers browse your site? Research shows that 60% of visitors’ access websites on their mobiles rather than a laptop or PC....

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New year, new website – 7 tips to help you kickstart your 2018 redesign project

The first weeks of a new year are the ideal time to take a long, hard look at everything your business does and decide...

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