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What makes a killer brand logo?

At the heart of your company’s branding is your logo. It appears on everything from your website to company letterheads, merchandise to email signatures....

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Creating a new brand, or re-branding? 7 questions to help you define who you are

Strong, unique branding is undeniably important when starting a new business, or re-branding an existing one. Branding is the promise you make to the...

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Brand guidelines – five reasons they’re so important

Creating a strong, memorable brand is about far more than picking a logo or a set of colours. Your branding reflects who you are...

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A beginner’s guide to using colour in web design

Website design is like any other type of design, in that you need to have a good understanding of the basics – from spatial...

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Advice for start-ups – how to develop branding

There are a thousand and one jobs to tackle when you first start a business, but branding is among the most important. Unless you...

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Creative business of the year 2016

The team at Ambos are delighted to announce that we have won the much coveted award for the best digital or creative business in...

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Is your digital marketing campaign ‘story’ compelling enough?

Many brands have the very best digital talent at their disposal, with the technical knowledge to make excellent use of tools, apps and technology....

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How effective is your branding? Do you have the tools to measure it?

According to new research, a large number of UK brands are finding it difficult to measure the impact of their branding. The survey was...

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Google’s new logo lands – just another aesthetic change or a branding triumph?

Unless you’ve been off-grid, without internet access, over the last week or so – you’re bound to have noticed that search engine giant is...

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5 rookie branding mistakes to avoid

Branding can be crucial for the long-term success of your business, but it can be very tricky to get right. From coming up with...

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