to stand out you need more than just a big logo

logo & brand design


Being the representation of your business’ personality, values and aims, and to perform effectively, branding needs to be at the core of all your visual communications, starting with a company logo.

Logos are the core of all branding strategy. They are often the first visual contact a prospective customer has with your brand. Consequently, they need to be memorable, striking and resonate a chord with your brand’s message in order to give you an edge over competitors.

Ambos can help you create a distinct logo that is tailored to your company’s specific needs, personality and brand.


There are many reasons why an organisation may need to rebrand. It can be a public expression of company development. It can be representative of a larger more sophisticated business. Or the rebrand might be due to economic or market changes. Whatever your reason for rebranding, Ambos is here to help.

We can help you redefine your existing brand to improve your market exposure or merely polish your current brand so it is more in-keeping with current market trends, demands and audiences.

The Ambos team will work with you in your organisation’s rebranding venture to help reposition your brand so it appeals to a broader or more specialist segment of the market.

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