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Five of the best online marketing tips to get the most from the Christmas season

If you have anything to do with retail, you’ll be busy making preparations for the Christmas season – the biggest shopping time of the...

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10 creative ideas for freshening up your social media marketing

When you’re using a social media account to promote a business, it’s easy for the content you post to become a bit stale and...

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How to find the very best shareable content for your social media audience

Most social media and digital marketing experts will tell you that you need to regularly post and share interesting and valuable content with your...

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Best practice for mobile web design – what you need to know

Speak to any web design or digital marketing specialist nowadays and they will have one crucial piece of advice for you – optimise for...

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Understand and using ‘cards’ in web design

The world of web design experiences all sorts of trends and fads, but some end up sticking around for much longer. One of the...

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Designing a website with your local market in mind

Many brands have big ambitions when it comes to designing a new website from scratch. They want to appeal to as many potential customers...

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How to speed up your website: 5 web design tips for faster websites

So you’ve spent lots of time painstakingly crafting a stunning new website – it meets your branding goals perfectly, it sums up your ethos...

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Creating a brand image and the importance of story telling

The importance of story-telling in creating a brand image What is the most important factor in creating a brand image or creating a brand image,...

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Minimalist web design

Minimalist web design – hugely impactful, but not as easy as you’d think Minimalism is certainly no new thing in design, and it’s not...

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Study suggests that branding is more important than advertising

A recent study has found that branding could be more important than advertising when it comes to growth in brand value. The research was...

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