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Five critical web design dos and don’ts for optimising user experience

Creating a new website is a balancing act. It needs to function well, score highly on SEO (search engine optimisation) and drive those crucial...

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What makes a killer brand logo?

At the heart of your company’s branding is your logo. It appears on everything from your website to company letterheads, merchandise to email signatures....

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Want a smooth, optimised UX on your website? Avoid these common mistakes

There are hundreds if not thousands of tiny things that can affect a user’s experience on a particular website. Designing a user-friendly website can...

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Getting started with website analysis – the important things you need to know

If you want your website to be successful, you’ll need to know how to measure its performance. When we talk about website success, it...

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The beginners guide to web hosting features – what to look for when choosing a plan

There’s a lot to think about when choosing a new web hosting plan. You’ll be faced with lists of features, stats and specs, but...

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Can your website cope with Christmas traffic?

Christmas is usually a great and extremely busy time for retail and eCommerce sites. Most will see surges in traffic as visitors rush to...

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Seven reasons your SEO attempts aren’t working

If you’ve been making efforts to improve the SEO on your website but you’ve not seen any noticeable improvements in key areas, it could...

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Safe shopping: Six security tips for your e-commerce website

If you have an e-commerce website, it’s so important to earn the trust of your customers. Visitors to your site need to feel secure,...

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Creating a new brand, or re-branding? 7 questions to help you define who you are

Strong, unique branding is undeniably important when starting a new business, or re-branding an existing one. Branding is the promise you make to the...

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Ready to sell online? Here’s how to get your e-commerce business started

Selling online is a no-brainer for most businesses these days. It offers so many benefits, from incredibly low costs to wider exposure for your...

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